Friday, September 24, 2010




Five babies down for a nap on this Friday afternoon! That's right five! We've recently added the big sister (she's 2) of the baby previously mentioned to our mix. That gives us five ages 6, 4, 2, 2 and 11 weeks!

We visited a local park this afternoon, thus the luxury of everyone sleeping at the same time.


A few weeks ago, Annabelle informed me she wanted to go live at a foster home. She wasn't being rebellious in any way; she's definitely my adventurous one. It's mostly that she only sees the good in fostering. She sees a Mom and Dad who do the best they can to love the kids that come through our home. As far as she's concerned, they all go "home" at some point. Who wouldn't want to go play with someone else's toys, eat new foods, and get some new clothes?

Eric and I are often concerned or engaged with each other in conversation about how fostering affects our children. Don't get me wrong; they handle it all extremely well. When we introduced the thought of adding "big sister" to our family, they were all for it -- Annabelle prayed, "Lord please be with 'big sister'; take care of her even if she doesn't get to come stay with us." And now she prays, "Thank you, Lord, for the time you've given us with 'big sister.'" I love her heart! Nonetheless, at times, we worry about what this does to them. We're trusting, with all that we are, that fostering is for our good and God's glory -- likewise, we trust that it is for the good of our children and God's glory. I'm overwhelmed at times at the part we get to play in his story.

I'm also overwhelmed that we have five little girls in our home; there is no lack of drama here, trust me! The fact that we've chosen to keep Ella Grace at home this year has added to my responsibility, but it's, oh, so sweet to see her learn! It means some things have to give, though! My hair is sporting the reverse skunk look because I've yet to call and get a hair appointment. Our floors need vacuuming. I cook less than I'd like. I've stopped clipping coupons. I don't get to blog very often.

I did have a special snuggle time with each kiddo yesterday, though! I read books to my two year olds and a chapter to my four and six year old. I gave the baby some tummy time. I spent sweet time with my husband after all were in bed last night. We went to story time at the library today and had a picnic at the park. Later, we're heading to an African-American beauty salon to get "big sister's" hair done. Pretty sure that might be another blog post!

The fact that I chose snuggling over vacuuming doesn't make me a better mom. Some would argue the opposite. It's just that yesterday, God gave us the grace to get through another day -- and it was a really sweet day -- one that made me think, with his help, we can do this!

Today didn't start so smoothly. We hadn't been up 30 minutes and someone had already tumbled down the steps and someone else had already been spanked. Katie had a nosebleed at story time (random, that's never happened to her before!) while I was feeding "baby sister" (OK, so we need some "blog names") a bottle. Someone pooped while we were at the park . . . too much info? My point is, it's not all roses over here all the time.

Crazy happens.

A lot.

But, did you forget? Everyone's down for a nap!

At the same time!



Libby said...

I distinctly remember the first time I had both of mine (when we had only two) napping at the same time. I even have a picture to prove it! I'm pretty sure I've never had all three asleep at the same time unless we were driving across country (or at bedtime, of course!).

Anna said...

I hope you got a sweet reprieve during all five kiddos' naptime yesterday!!!

carolinagirl said...

Amazing~There must be some award for having 5 little ones sleeping at the same time! Your blogs are a great reminder for me to say a prayer for you(and your girls)!