Friday, January 22, 2010

Sledding Photo Shoot

Still learning and playing a lot with our new camera (I guess it's not so new anymore)! I took over 100 pictures of the kids sledding with their cousins in Michigan during our visit at Christmas. I'm not sure if I like the pictures best or the memories attached to them. Either way, we got some great shots (sidenote: I don't have fancy editing software, so these are purely "the shot")!


A too-good-to-be-true family shot! Everyone looking at the camera and smiling!

Love this girl!

Daddy & Annabelle getting "splashed" by the snow!

Ella Grace and Alyssa sledded the farthest -- this is their victory walk back up the hill.

Love this girl too!

Love the expressions!

This was more Hailey and Katie's speed! Grandma was pulling and Hailey was pushing...Katie, riding, of course!

This was the first year she had no fear on the hill! She loved every second of it!

And this girl so!


Sudeana said...

makes me want to run out and get a new camera! great pics, awesome memories!!

kimberlywenger said...

Gorgeous pictures! By the way, you can download a program from Google called Picasa for free. It has some really good, easy to use editing features. A professional photographer told me about it and said that's all he uses. I use it all the time now.