Sunday, January 31, 2010


Y'all know I hate new year's resolutions. I never stick with them for long enough to make it seem like success. This year I decided to try a new twist. I'm making a resolution each month. January was a success!

My goal was to organize all of the children's clothes we've collected over the past 6years. Because of Foster Care, we can't get rid of everything. We bought 18 gallon totes and saved enough of each size to fill each tote.

A lot got donated--it really is unbelievable how much we had. Seriously, I think we could've put shoes on an entire village somewhere!

So, whatcha think?

February's goal is to finish Ella Grace & Annabelle's room. We painted it several months ago, but haven't finished all the small details! I need to paint their dresser knobs, hang their names back on the walls, buy a few pieces of decorative pieces, and hang curtains. Do-able in a months time, don't you think?

Will post pics at the end of February!

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