Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks For Your Patience!

I've spent naptime tackling a few things that needed to be done: updating my calendar and cleaning out my inbox! Now that those are done, I'm ready to update my blog! Apologies for taking so long.

If you're curious (you are, right?) our internet issues have not been totally resolved. Our wireless router went out and we're still in the market for a new one. That leaves two options: working on our dinosaur of a desktop or hooking the laptop to the internet cord, thus confining me to our office. I've opted for the laptop in the office and, though, the office is my happy place--where most of my creative genius (it took me 4 tries to spell that word correctly; what does that tell you?) happens, I don't prefer blogging in here.

What has the new year brought to the Williams' home?

We're counting points. Again. Still don't think rice cakes should count! Just sayin'.

Pnemonia. Ella Grace spent the first weekend of the new year in the ER (with about half of Greenville!) where she was diagnosed with pnemonia. She gave us quite a scare as the doctors began to talk about her appendix due to her high white blood cell count. We were relieved when chest x-rays revealed pnemonia! She has yet to go back to school for a full day, but we're hoping that will change after her doctor's appointment tomorrow!

What else? No new placement yet. We're all eagerly awaiting the "phone call!" The girls ask me almost daily to pray for our "new kid." We do. Eric and I are so blessed by their willingness to love!

I have tons of post in my brain!! Promise to finish the story of Baby L. this week! And post a few pictures from our holidays! And...oh...I'm so's a little overwhelming!

Thanks for sticking with patiently!

Love to all!


Sudeana said...

Absolutely LOVE your new pics and design at the top of your blog!!!

kimberlywenger said...

If rice cakes are truly that cardboard-tasting, how about just not eating them? :-) Take the points you waste on rice cakes all week and eat some ice cream on Saturday night! A worthy trade off...