Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Daunting Task of Catching Up!!

Have you ever gotten so behind on something that the task of catching up seems bigger than just letting it go?

That's how I feel today . . . picking up this blog that I've fallen so far behind on!

May is flat out crazy! It's taken the place of December for our busiest month of the year!

It's over. June is here. One half day of school left and Summer '10 officially begins!

Yay! I love summer! My favorite childhood memories are summer memories. I like my kids being home (gasp!); I actually enjoy the task that some moms find daunting -- curbing the boredom!

And I can't wait for our family vacation!!

Before I can start posting about all the fun we're destined to have, I must catch up on the past month of our lives!

A few bullet points and then a few post to follow:

**About 4 weeks ago, our Little Buddy was moved from our home. It's a long and amazing story of God (once again), but suffice it to say that he is missed, loved, and thought of daily!!

**We are still landscaping! I know that goal was like three months back, right?!!? I'm hoping to post some pics in a future post.

**The girls' room is finished!! Completely!! They are all three sharing one room (again, long story -- but we're happy with the end result) and love being together. Again, pictures, I promise!

**The big girls both had end of the year programs -- I know, I know, pictures! I'll do it!

**They also shared a birthday party -- can't wait to post pictures of this one!

**We made a long prayed about decision to keep Ella Grace home for the 2010-2011 school year! We are very excited that she'll be attending K12, the South Carolina Virtual Charter School.

**What else? Oh, no, we haven't received another foster care placement at this time. We're waiting, praying, talking about and eagerly anticipating our "new kid!"

**I asked the girls the other day what kinds of things they'd like to learn about this summer. Their list: dinosaurs, bugs, plants, and Liberia. Ha! I thought the last one was funny. However, our church has partnered with the country of Liberia and our girls have donated books and raised money for wells to provide clean drinking water for the children of Liberia. I love that they have interest in what is going on there as well as what our church is committed to!!

And, finally, my June goal. Drum roll, please . . . to blog every day in June. Alright, if you want to get technical, I've already failed since I didn't post yesterday! Sue me -- my blog -- my rules!

Looking forward to catching up and enjoying a month full of summertime posts!!

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