Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pepsi Party Truck

Today I took Ella Grace to a sort of right of passage for six year olds in our area . . . the Pepsi Party Truck! This deal is only good on your sixth birthday, and she, according to the certificate she received: ". . . is now an official authorized, fully-qualified member in good standing of the Pepsi Generation."

What else did she get? 12 cans of Pepsi, 12 ice cream cups, 12 Pepsi pencils, tatoos & balloons, 4 passes to a Greenville Drive game, a coupon for a free meal at Stax Grill (where she and daddy have decided on for their birthday lunch date), and a 30% off coupon for a birthday cake at Stax Bakery. She's thrilled -- really, really doesn't like carbonated drinks, but is determined to try one of her Pepsi's -- kind of thrilled!

The thing that's funny to me is that I remember my momma taking me to the Pepsi Plant on State Park for my 6th birthday twenty-something years ago! The contents of the box are a little different than I remember -- I think I got Little Debbie Cakes instead of ice cream and I think I remember Pepsi cups & plates being included. I also remember feeling pretty thrilled that someone somewhere thought I was special enough to be celebrated for being six years old.

Thanks, Pepsi, for the memories you've given 2 official, authorized, fully-qualified members . . .

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Joelle Turner said...

I've never heard of this! How fun!