Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speaking Truths


Today went nothing like I expected it to go when I got out of bed this morning.

Don't get me wrong, my expectation was a crazy day. On the agenda today was dentist appointments for our two (yep, you read right--that's five girls ages 6, 4, 3, 2 and 2!) new foster care placements. We got a call late afternoon on Tuesday and had two sisters in our care a few hours later. They needed to see the dentist, so I made appointments yesterday and planned to venture out today for the first time alone with all five.

I had no idea.

About 9 this morning we got a call from DSS. During a court hearing, a family member decided to take the girls. They would be picked up later.

With my mind reeling with thoughts of how and when to tell my girls and the new "sisters", we prepared for the trip to the dentist. I sent the sisters and Katie to the van (something I've done hundreds of times before), heard a horrible cry, ran outside to find my sweet Katie Bug covered in blood. She'd split her forehead open on the "garage ground" (as she'll tell you).

She now has five stitches in her beautiful head. She's pretty proud of them.

As I write, we've also said good-bye to the sisters.

We never made it to the dentist.

And now we're left to wonder.

What is God doing? Why only a day or two? How can this be what's best? What happened to Katie? What is God doing? What is God doing, what is God doing?

I keep telling my girls to hold on to the truth. Preach to themselves what they know to be true. I'm telling myself this as much as I'm telling them . . .

God is in control!

This is for our good and for His glory!

This is His story -- we're priveledged to be a part of it.

We are being sanctified today and everyday often times through circumstances.

I don't understand, but I trust Him.

God didn't fall asleep today.

He protected Katie.

He loves my girls more than I ever could.

He loves the sisters more than I ever could.

He's good. Always.

His goal is my holiness, not my happiness.

He loves me. Rescued me. Loves me . . .


Melissa said...

i love you too!! praying. . .

Joelle Turner said...

Your truths filled my cup today! God is doing amazing things through you. Every few minutes, much less days, you're able to spend with these placement children they are given a chance to see life differently. You are definitely planting seeds, I pray God will bring others along to water and harvest those seeds.

Sudeana said...

love you girl! praying for you as you tuck in your girls night. praying with you for all the other ones who have been blessed to be tucked in at your house too, even if just for a short time!!