Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ella Grace Turns 6!

I can hardly believe the day is here.


Six is so big.

Six is a girl.

Six is one third of the time she'll live in our house (maybe . . . hopefully?!?)!

But, it's here.

My biggest little one is six today!

She started the day with her requested breakfast -- pancakes & smoothies -- it was a yummy choice!

Humor me while I remember a few things about this day six (very) short years ago:

~Ronald Reagan was being buried. I watched the beginning of his funeral on TV at home that morning and the conclusion at the hospital that afternoon.

~I slept late that morning. Very late. It was one of my first days of summer break -- I'd just finished my last days of teaching!

~My water broke as I sneezed. Too much info?

~Eric was in class when I called him. He asked if he needed to come home. Uh, yeah!

~I'd only eaten pretzels that morning. Oh how I wished later I'd eaten more as they wouldn't let me eat in the delivery room until after delivery!

~We didn't find out the sex of our baby; the doctor let Eric tell me, "It's a girl!" I was surprised and thrilled!

~We'd decided on the name "Elizabeth Grace" a long, long time before we saw our sweet girl's face. Elizabeth was my grandmother's name and is my middle name. Her daddy calls her "Gracie" (also decided long before we met her) and she doesn't let anyone else call her that "special name!"

~She held her breath for what seemed like a full minute as they gave her a bath for the first time. The nurse asserted that with a temper like that, we were in trouble. On the contrary, she has a gentle, sensitive spirit -- stubborn in her own right -- but a sweet, sweet heart!

~Her head was very, very cone shaped when she was born. After her bath we asked them to please put a hat on her!

~We could have never guessed six years ago that we'd be as in love that little bundle as we are today. Her personality is girly with just a touch of sass! Her spirit is loving and desires to please the Lord! Her heart is intense and passionate! My guess is that six years from today, we'll say the same -- that our love for her is more than we could've ever imagined!

Wow! Wasn't going that direction with this post; just sorta happened. Sorry for getting so sappy and for going on and on!

After breakfast this morning, we gave my amazing sister a break by picking up her boys for the morning. We headed to a local university and gallivanted through the rose garden, fed the ducks, marveled at the beauty God's created for us! I'm sure more pictures from our adventures will follow in a future post. It was a blast of a morning!

Ella Grace had a date scheduled, so we dropped her off and the rest of us headed to the cheapest lunch in town!

We ended the day with a sweet family dinner (her choice, again: spaghetti! When did birthdays at our house become all about food??), dessert, Pepsi and a movie (The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking)!

Sweet girl, I had a great time celebrating you today! Happy 6th birthday -- Mom & Daddy love you!!

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