Friday, June 4, 2010

end of the year programs: kindergarten & k3

Singing Wad-a-lee-acha; a song I, myself, sang in Miss Wike's first grade class! Comment if you did too--I know you're out there!!

My sweet star!

Getting her certificate from Miss Kennedy, her kindergarten teacher!


"Going on a Bear Hunt" (the funniest, sweetest song of the entire program!)

Her picture in the slide show.

Annabelle with her teacher, Mrs. Bagley!

Who has taught both my girls:

And, we hope, sticks around to teach the third!

We love you, Mrs. Bagley!


Alison said...

"doodalee do, doodalee do"
Can't recall where I heard / sang it first though. Many many ages ago. :)

Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

oh, yes!! sang that song in Miss Wike's class...and "Going on a Bear Hunt" too!!!

carolinagirl said...

Both of those brought back lots of memories. I didn't have Miss Wike, but I remember them from school. Might have to see if I can YouTube the "songs" to teach my class next year. :-)