Wednesday, September 24, 2008


#7 on my favorites list (which is in no particular order, by the way) was, "Jammin'". This is what the girls call singing along to their favorite songs. The current favorite, by far, right now is "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" one of our favorite groups: Go Fish! If you've never heard of Go Fish, check them out--they are on our Christmas list every year!

Without further ado: here are Ella Grace and Annabelle jammin'! Sorry the video is wiggly--we were in the car--and, no I wasn't driving!

Thanks, Anna, for the idea for this post!


Beth Monty said...

this is precious...i posted something last night about singing in the car also! i had not read your post but when i did i thought how similar our lives and thoughts are! i am thankful for you family and those sweet girls and the tenderness of this age.

Anna said...

LOVE it! Glad that I "inspired a post for you". :)