Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Top 20

Tagged by Sarah, so here goes:

1. our new house
2. vacations
3. our church
4. our small group (love you girls...and guys!)
5. blogging (reading & writing)
6. brownie cheesecake ice cream from Hilton Head Ice Cream
7. jammin'
8. my mom's biscuits-n-gravy
9. the color of katie's eyes
10. sitting on the front porch with my sweetheart
11. annabelle's laugh
12. reading to my girls
13. naps
14. ella grace signing "i love you!" at least 100 times a day
15. sweet tea
16. hug-a-bugs
17. the smell of freshly bathed kids
18. snuggles
19. date nights
20. watching the kids play when they don't know i'm watching

That took some thought! Tagging three: Beth, Lissa, and Shana

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