Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Day and Other Things I Want to Remember

Ella Grace started school today! She was a little nervous, but once we got to the classroom door she kissed me, both her sisters, and headed bravely in! You make your momma and daddy proud, Baby Girl! Mrs. Hamilton, take care of our baby...we're praying for you!

On the way to school (we have many of our deepest and most theological discussions in the car; have you noticed this yet?), the girls were talking about Heaven. Their conversation wandered around to what animals would be in Heaven and Ella Grace announced that dinosaurs would be there! That led to making "roaring" sounds and so I asked them what would be different about the animals in Heaven. We talked about how all the animals would be friendly in Heaven and that the lion would lay down with the lamb and wouldn't hurt it and that kids could play with lions and tigers, on and was Annabelle's very serious response:

"Momma, could you carry me when we get there so the lion won't bite my bootie off?"

On another note, about halfway through our morning, Annabelle started missing her big sister and best pal! So she said, "Mom, let's pray for Ella Grace." Mmmmm! My heart was blessed! One of our prayers for our girls is that they will grow up the best of friends! You, also, sweet, funny Annabelle, make your momma and daddy so proud!

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sarah said...

how sweet that she wanted to pray for her.

funny girls ;)