Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Kid Words...

Do your kids have everyday words that they say wrong every time they say them?

Both Ella Grace and Annabelle pronounce lasagna -- "Basagna" -- and repeat it louder each time you try to correct them.

The other funny one is lemonade -- pronounced -- "Lenomade". One of their favorite movies is Boz, the Green Bear. He sings a song about making lemonade; this is how it sounds at our house: "...making lenomade; we love, we love, we love, making lenomade..." Every time!
So fun!
***Had to add this one that they used tonight and reminded me of: whenever they are saying something "used" to be a certain way they both always say "nused". What is that?***


Anna said...

Funny! Instead of gymnastics, Weston says he takes
"gymnaskicks" everytime! We've TRIED to correct him to no avail! He has also always called knives, "ifes". :)

Beth Monty said...

polly says..muskick and sophie says shakemilk...i am horrible but i dont correct them...i love it toooooo much!!!